sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Human Dissection

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., is the founder of Integral Anatomy Productions, LLC, and Somanautics Workshops, Inc.

With over 20 years experience in Human Dissection guiding those interested in exploring the human form, Gil Hedley created the word "somanaut" to describe those who explore the inner space of the body, and discover there the rich terrain of themselves.

My professional learning and subsequently growth through Human Dissection is a must and so endless! So, I’m continuously and regularly performing Human Dissection both in Europe and USA.

These workshops are for me a great opportunity to enhance further my knowledge and explore the Human anatomy at a level unachievable elsewhere in the World.

The programming for dissecting whole human cadavers is designed to advance anatomical learning and self knowledge by exploring different formats and approaches to discovering the depths of the human form and complexity through the dissection process, layer by layer (skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, muscle, and viscera) in different bodies. The process of doing so is profound, as the participants will witness, engage, and experience their whole human anatomy in the deepest possible ways.

Up to now, I got the great opportunity to attend his workshops in New York, as follows:

-      From 14th to 19th of May, 2012, …….42 hours of contact
-      From 12ond  to 31st of May, 2014….115 hours of contact
-      From 2ond  to 6th of March, 2015, …..35 hours of contact
-      From 7th to 11th of March, 2016, ……35 hours of contact
-      From 14th to 18th of March, 2016,….35 hours of contact

-      2017, not planned yet